The depth of understanding and application of the MRM theory and paradigm have evolved through the years as a result of extensive exploration and discourse, evidence derived from research, and diverse clinical applications.

The first foundational book, published in 1983, was reprinted numerous times (Erickson, Tomlin & Swain) and determined to be a classic by SAMRM.  While the basic concepts and premises have not changed, they have evolved over time. Originally, the main focus was on the client as the primary source of information and an active member of the nurse-client relationship. This basic premise has been built upon and expanded to focus on relationships and conceptualizations within the context of universal consciousness. These changes are available in two other published books (Erickson, H (Ed) 2006; 2010). A fourth book will provide a practice primer, emphasizes these changes, and is currently underway. Information about obtaining these books is available under Resources

Over time, MRM theory has served as the underpinning for numerous books, chapters, articles, workshops, and innovations in clinical practice. Lists of primary and secondary references can be found under Resources. Biosketches of seminal leaders in the evolution of MRM will be available soon. For more information, contact