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Why Become a Member of SAMRM?

Connect with those who value understanding the client’s worldview.

    • Reconnect to your passion for nursing.
    • Develop a diverse network with nurse colleagues who practice holistically and support your way of being.
    • Interact with leaders to apply Modeling and Role-Modeling (MRM) theory in practice, education, and research.

Engage in activities to transform healthcare practice, education and research.

    • Build expertise in person-centered, relationship-based, holistic nursing care.
    • Participate in opportunities to share your successes and challenges in your nursing practice.
    • Receive discounts and information about future conferences and retreats.
    • Receive SAMRM news and updates.

Empower nurses to foster person-centered, relationship-based holistic care.

    • Use theory to understand the client’s perspectives, needs, and concerns to address the root cause(s).
    • Facilitate your colleagues to share their professional practice stories and be able to articulate the importance and value of theory-based practice.
    • Participate in healthcare transformation by moving from an illness and disease health model to a wellness, wellbeing, and well-becoming paradigm.


General Membership Dues: $50 per year / $100 for 2 years

Student Membership Dues: $15 per year / $30 for 2 years

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