MRM Overview

Modeling and Role-Modeling (MRM) is best depicted as a paradigm and a grand theory with multiple mid-range theories. The American Holistic Nurses Association (2013) and American Nurses Association (2015) recognize it as one of the existing models of holistic nursing.

The MRM paradigm is consistent with the emerging view of:

  • Unitary Beings as the core of relationship-based caring;
  • Client as primary source of information;
  • Nurse as an agent of eudaemonistic (i.e., holistic) health, well-being and healing;
  • Synchrony of nurse and client within a universal energy field; and
  • Universal consciousness.

The primary emphasis of MRM is the worldview of the individual. However, it is sometimes necessary to look at specific dimensions contained within the whole to understand the root of the problem, to determine best practice options, and to recognize evidence of growth and healing. Learn more